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Urdu Newspapers category includes the online version of Urdu newspapers from all over Pakistan and world. Urdu Newspapers includes Daily Jang, Daily Nawaiwaqt, Daily Khabrain, Daily Qaumi Akhbar, Daily Nai Baat, Daily Mashriq, Daily Dunya, Daily Aaj Kal, Daily K2, Daily Assas, Daily Aaj, Daily Express, Daily Mohasib, Daily Shamal, Daily Ausaf, Daily Ummat and Hundres of other Urdu Newspapers being published in Pakistan and other countries of the wordl. You can access all Urdu Newspapers online as you are visiting directory of Urdu newspapers online i.e. daily.com.pk. All you need is an electronic device with an internet connection.

The epaper brings you the exact format of the printed newspaper on the screen of your mobile, Laptop, Computer and Tablets. Urdu ePaper includes all the local, national, international, economic, business, entertainment and sports news. One can switch to epaper Urdu for live feeds and blogs. You can get through to all the articles in the newspapers directly with just a click. The online format of the newspaper is user friendly and provides ease and comfort to the readers. The epaper provides each section and part of the newspaper on a side bar which can be approached directly by just a single click.

The epaper Urdu has been greatly appreciated and accepted among the overseas Pakistanis. As they thousands of miles away from their home land the epaper provides them a path to get connected with their own nation and country. However the epaper Urdu has been equally appreciated and praised among the youth and business class of Pakistan. As the online version of Urdu Newspaper has made the access to all the Urdu newspapers very easy and one can read daily news without even spending a penny or laboring to a stall to buy it. The epaper or the online format has brought about a revolutionary change and has paid a very important role in bringing the awareness among the people.

The format of epaper is daily.com.pk friendly and it has helped to increase the number of newspaper readers. In the modern Era everyone has a busy and tight schedule and nobody has the time to go to a stall and buy a newspaper and then keep holding such large piece of paper whole day along. The epaper Urdu has made it very convenient for the people to get access to the newspaper. All they have to do is just a click on the link of daily Pakistan i.e. daily.com.pk and get a direct access of all the Urdu newspapers in Pakistan. Secondly as it is an online format so the reader can get to it through his mobile, tablet or laptop and whenever he gets the time he can get to the news.

The most favorite section of Urdu Newspapers among the youth is Newspaper Jobs. This sections expertly includes all the jobs advertised in Urdu newspapers and provides tons of jobs each day. Either one is a fresh graduate or an individual employed with an intension of switching the job. This is the only platform which on daily basis gives you the information about the open vacancies all over the country. One can also look for the tender notices in a separate section.

In short Urdu Newspapers section of this site has many expertise due to which it has been able to get phenomenal popularity as well as the acceptance among the people. The format of epaper Urdu has been designed especially by keeping the needs of the people in mind and the only reason for setting this format was to bring awareness among the people by making access of newspaper easy and comfortable without the interference of money.

Roznama Pakistan 15 August 2020 Today ePaper

Daily PakistanDaily Pakistan is national Urdu day-to-day newspaper publishes in Pakistan. Under the editorship of renowned journalist of Pakistan Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami the daily Pakistan newspaper is grooming day by day. This newspaper is oldest newspaper of Pakistan providing the latest and reliable news round the state. Being a reliable newspaper daily Pakistan has made its circulation of over 600,000 copies per day. Daily Pakistan Urdu is presently printed from urban center, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan and Peshawar at the same time and editor of the newspaper is umar Mujeeb Shami. The Lahore based daily Pakistan has started its journey in December 1990. During Z.A.Bhutto's democratic rule

Daily Ausaf 15 August 2020 Today ePaper

Daily AusafThe newspapers are important, not only as a means of spreading news but also for influencing public opinion. Every newspaper expresses its policy in its editorial page. Its readers, at least a great section of them, are influenced by the editorial comments. It is reasonable to believe that most of the readers buy the newspaper with which they agree. Certainly a newspaper with a large circulation is very powerful.
Newspapers are at the mercy of their readers, for newspaper publishing is a business and must fetch at least reasonable profit. Much of the profit comes from advertising and only newspapers with a large circulation can attract a large number of advertisements. So a newspaper has to respect the tastes and inclinations of its readers.

Daily Ausaf is an Urdu language International

BBC Urdu 15 August 2020 News Today

BBC UrduFancy thee a British tang in thy national dialect? This is right where you have to be. The world’s largest international broadcaster, i.e., the BBC World Service, comes home at your disposal. Decades and decades of experience, insurmountable brand power, seasoned skill set, and an established perception of excellence moves countless eyes and ears when something like, “Welcome to BBC News…!” is played. Realizing its greatest viewership for the Asian audience, the BBC has one after another customized its brand experience to cater to this part of the world. Following on the lines of its former counterparts as BBC Arabic and BBC Persian, BBC Urdu was launched in July 2002, during the Musharraf Era.

Adhering to its global mission to be ‘the world’s best-known and most-respected voice in international

Daily Dunya 15 August 2020 Newspaper Today ePaper

Daily DunyaDaily Dunya is a broadsheet newspaper which is being published in the national language of Pakistan. Dunya Newspaper was first launched on 3 September 2012 from Lahore. The rate of acceptance and the popularity graph of Daily Dunya newspaper was remarkable in a very short span of time. From the date of its launch till December 2012, in a period of three months the newspaper has included multiple cities and transformed it into the publishing houses of Daily Dunya. Apart from Lahore which is headquarter of Dunya newspaper the other cities where the newspaper is being published are Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan and Karachi.

The editor in chief and the owner of daily Dunya Newspaper is Mian Amir Mehmood. He along with is competent and professional team makes sure that the

Daily Khabrain 15 August 2020 Newspaper Today

Daily Khabrain Khabrain (خبریں اخبار) is a daily Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Khabrain is one of the largest circulated Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan which started its journey from Lahore in 2000 September 26. And now has been publishing from multiple cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Haiderabad, Sukkar and Muzafarabad. Roznama Khabrain is owned and run by Khabrain group of newspapers. The Khabrain group of newspapers claims to have a circulation of over 30 percent in Pakistan.

Daily Khabrain includes all national, international, business, entertainment and sports news along with the local news. The format of the paper is carefully managed as it provides the news in the form of perfect organized sections. The front page is all covered with the top stories and headlines with

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